Janek Interviews Hadrian - Pt. 2

They do some more playing and talk about music at Janek's house. How cool is that?

Sounds like Hadrian is moving to the US permanently, so we will probably be hearing more of him very soon.



Daily Licking 021: Chorus 3 of Mr. P.C for Bass

What will happen today? Will he play a Bb on the C minor? Will he force some crazy chord substitution over an F min chord that never did anything to anyone to warrant such treatment? Let us see what chord carnage Mr. Coltrane has in store for these poor unsuspecting next 12 measures of his minor blues, Mr. P.C.


Daily Licking 020: Chorus 2 Of John Coltrane's Mr. P.C. Solo.

Continuing from yesterday's episode...we left our hero, Mr. Coltrane rapidly, (and I do mean rapidly) approaching his second chorus...

And on this chorus he does some saxophone-isms that are somewhat simplified for bass here, some of the rhythms he plays are not exactly triplets, and they are not exactly 16ths either, they are of some kind of tenor-istic-phrasing-duration..so the rhythms represent as close as I could get. If anyone has any alternative suggestions, let me know.

What Christian McBride Did On His Summer Vacation. Actually for all of 2010.

Electric/Upright jazz/funk/pop/classical bassist Christian McBride wrote a post about all the musical things he did during the year 2010.

Um, wow.

It is pretty mind boggling how many different musical projects he was involved in during a single year, everything from playing with Sting to Sonny Rollins and from gigging in places from Detroit to Singapore.

He also touches on some of the personal things that went on his life, both good and not so good.

If you are in NYC, he is going to be at the Apple Store talking about historic jazz recordings as well. I would love to hear his list of desert island disks. I know he would have at least one Jaco record in there somewhere!

Check out his book report on how he spent his 2010.



Daily Licking 019: 1st Chorus Of Coltrane's Mr. P.C To Blow Your Mind

UPDATE - you can follow this entire series on this page:

We have probably all played it. It is the defacto minor jazz blues, written by John Coltrane for one of the most famous bass players ever, Paul Chambers. It is on Mr. Trane's most famous album, "Giant Steps" and we are gonna look at his crazy solo, a chorus at a time.

Coltrane's solo on Mr. P.C might actually work on bass. This was before he went completely into another star child dimension of karmic existence and he was still playing in a way some of us humans might actually be able to emulate. Maybe.

I am going to try to go through his entire solo, all 16 choruses of it, and transcribe it all. I think it is doable. I have listened to it over and over and there is only one or two places that he gets really crazy and it might not be playable on bass, but over all, it just might be playable on bass with some minor tweaks. I think.

Also, since this is a blues and there are only 4 chords in the whole tune, it makes for really easy analysis and investigation into what he was playing. Even in only this first chorus, there is a dump truck full of goodies. I see posts from guys all the time saying "how do I know what to play when I solo?", well, look at these licks and dissect what he is doing and your cup will be overflowing with ridiculoso. Let us examine some things from The Master, shall we?


Autumn Leaves Bass Chord Melody

Adam Neely doing a very nice chord melody to Autumn Leaves on bass. Sounds killer. Check out his web page and YouTube Channel for many Basso Approved© discussions and examples that will supply more than your minimum daily requirement of ridiculoso.

Daily Licking 018: McCoy Tyner's Effendi

Back to more of that, uh huh.

This is a tune from McCoy's first trio record, "Inception", from 1961 or there abouts. It is an awesome record, there is not a bad tune on it, and McCoy is being McCoy and just blazing. The bassist is a guy named Art Davis and he goes mano-y-mano with McCoy on a couple of tunes where they play unison lines during the melody of"There Is No Greater Love", and this one, "Effendi". Effendi is a term used in Turkey for government officials. So says the internet. I will have to go watch "Midnight Express" again and see if that is true.

This tune is sort of McCoys twist on a modal tune like "So What", but McCoy uses an ABA form, so it goes:

Dmin - 8 measures
Bridge - 8 measures
Dmin - 8 measures