Speaking Of Play-Along Tracks...

Well, TrueFire, the online music instruction site, has about 200 different blues play-alongs for ya.

These range in tempo from 60 to 200 bpm and are in a variety of styles (chicago, texas, etc). Each one has an mp3 and a chart.

They have bass parts, but you can still solo over them.

Some are, eh, corny, but there are some decent ones up there for sure. If you are looking for some more free play-alongs there ya go.


Picture 2.jpg


Daily Licking 039: Minor Blues in C

Well, you greedy bastards sure like free stuff.

The ii-v play along has been surprisingly popular, so here is another very simple play-along track for you to pilfer.

This time it is a minor blues in C, with a couple of altered chords thrown in.

Follow the same drill as before, download the file and the chart, put the audio into a player that can do seamless looping (like Quicktime Player) and repeat ad infinitum and commence to shredding. There is no bass on this so you can solo or play a bass line along with the chords. Knock yourself out.



Small Minor Blues.jpg

Hadrian Destroying It At the Baked Potato

Good Lord. Utterly terrifying.

Hadrian Feraud taking a solo "Marching Powder" at The Baked Potato in Los Angeles (his new home town, apparently).