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The Book of Chord Tones - Major 7 Chords by Basso Ridiculoso in Arts & Photography

The Dwayne Burno Interview Part 1

Oh momma, you think your humble narrator might have some opinions about things musical and such?

Well, buckle up for an earfull of Dwayne Burno, bass player and set-your-jive-ass-straight-er.

In my (very very) limited exposure to guys that can play at this level, I have seen more than one of them with attitudes like this, and I can't say that I blame them. They have very little tolerance for wankery and bull-shyte and if you try any such nonsense in front of them, well, you are gonna hear about it and right quick in some rather, uh, direct language. You best come correct.

There is a lot of good stuff in what he says, and he gives a lot of examples for why he thinks about things the way he does, and as he relates his career, you can see just how good you have to be to hang with guys that have been improvising and playing tunes for 30 or 40 years. It is amazing how much those guys know.

jazztruth: The Dwayne Burno Interview Part 1


More info about "The Book of Chord Tones"

Here are few pages from the Book itself.

If you have played around with the Transmogrifier, some of these may look familiar.

Also here are what the first 12 of the exercise sound like in C Major -

You can download them as well to get an idea of how they sound. The first 6 start on the root, (C) and then next six start on the third (E). The remaining patterns start on the fifth and the seventh.


Jeff Berlin Tour with new band - Scott Henderson and Mike Clark

Dang. Mike Clark is one of my mostest favoritest drummers ever.

Looks like there is only dates on the east coast for now, hopefully they make it out to the west coast.

Jazz-Fusion All-Star Trio Scott Henderson Jeff Berlin Mike Clark To Tour The US

Announcing: The Book of Chord Tones, Book 1, Major Chords

Well, "someone" got the bright idea to collect a bunch of patterns, (well, all the patterns actually) that are possible for arranging the notes of major 7 chords and to put them all on paper and in a book.

For bass, no less. Clearly, "someone" has way too much time on their hands.

And so, for your perusal and harmonic edification I give you the first installment in The Book Of Chord Tones - Book 1, Major Seven Chords.