Bass Player LIVE! 2014 Playlist

Bass Player magazine has posted all the artist clinic videos from Bass Player Live 2014 which includes Wojtek Pilichowski, the guy from Dirty Loops, and other notable players. Worth a look no matter what kind of style you are into there is a little of everything.



Weather Report - Live at Newport Jazz Festival

Here is a live soundboard recording of Jaco with Weather Report playing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1976. YouTuber "MusicEnthusiasmNorway" has a great collection of live and rare Jaco tracks up there. Check them out.



"100 Yard Dash" Bass Line

Here is nice old school bass line by Raphael Saddiq on his retro tune called "100 Yard Dash". It repeats throughout the entire song with some slight variations. It has an interesting phrase that starts off the beat and the trick is keeping it solid and on those off beats to really glue the entire song together. Check it out.
100 Yard Dash-1.jpg

Here is the track off the album: