Don't think repeating yourself is important in music?

Well, take a listen to what a piece of music that has been mathematically developed to have absolutely no repetition at all using a crazy algorithm designed by some guys that used the same idea to make a perfect sonar ping to find submarines. Really.

So remember, people need to hear repetition in order to want to keep listening, otherwise it sort of sounds like crap.

It's okay to play the same phrase.


Interesting Sound Illusion

This is an example of what is called a "Sheppard Tone" probably named after the guy who figured it out, or because he really liked sheep or something. I hope it is the former. Google/Wikipedia it for more info I should probably say.

Did it work for you? It did for me.

Our ears are weird, its easy to fake them out it seems.


Bass Link Blast Halloweens Edition

  1. FreekBass has a new Truefire video series with a generous amount of samples on the YouTube, you can check out the playlist here.
  2. You could have met Esperanza Spalding backstage at her concert in Philly next week. If you had an extra $1,000 to spare. The auction gave all the money to Musicians On Call, so it was for a good cause.
  3. Tim Lefebvre added a bunch of new tunes he has played on to his web sites music player thingy.
  4. John Goldsby posted a play-along for his column in Decembers BassPlayer Magazine.
  5. The original bass guy from Tool is doing a record with a new group
  6. Huh, imagine that, Keith Jarrett  is impossible to be married to. Uncharacteristically, he says some nice things about someone other than himself in this interview and talks about his bass player, ex-Seattleite Gary Peacock. He also proves yet again he is the biggest piano playing a-hole alive today.
  7. A team of Ph.d's anointed a Muse song to have the best bass line of any song ever by using the highly scientific and totally unbiased method called "asking people on the internet to pick something". You can tell what kind of sophisticated music listener voted in this poll by reading the results. "YYZ" came in second.