More Random Notes for Pitch Recognizing

The last page of random notes was surprisingly popular, so here is another pdf with random notes on the bass clef.

This one is in eighth notes and has a lot of notes above the staff so you can practice recognizing those higher notes up on those ladder rungs.

Again these are not very realistic musical examples, the point is just to recognize the notes on the lines and spaces. The notes were auto-generated totally random, so there are jumps and lines that don't make any sense in there musically speaking.

This is not unlike most of the other postings up here, but at least this time you have been warned. Enjoy.

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Mr. Heron died yesterday at 62.

Here is his iconic track, with Jerry Jemmott on bass laying it down.


Free Album Download from FreekBass

Boots Collins protege Freekbass has made his latest album available for free on BandCamp.

On the one, baby.


When Mashups Go Wrong

In this age of RockBand & Guitar Hero + the internet, a lot of historic, original, multi-track recordings intended only for use in those games have been siphoned off by crafty folks and posted to the internet for others to use in remixs, songs or just to examine and really get to hear what was played on those tracks.

I have posted a couple of famous bass tracks that are floating around like this, ones that really let the playing come through so you can hear the deep groove and funkyness on the original tracks.

This track is not one of those.

This track is an example of when the musical freedom that technology has allowed us is used for unquestionably evil and wantonly nefarious purposes.

You have been warned. You will not be able to un-hear this, so remember that before you hit play.

Imagine-a-jump-john-lennon-vs.-van-halen by jackstanleywp


Happy Birthday, Miles.

Here is a video of Marcus Miller and Miles Davis busting each others chops on the David Sanborn TV show. A rare public display of The Prince Of Darkness' (as Miles was called) sense of humor.


Free Track From Chick And The New Return To Forever

Chick and the new gang are giving away a free track they did and all you have to do is give them your email address.

The new line up of Return To Forever 2011 is Stanley Clarke on bass, Lenny White on drums, Chick Corea (duh), Frank Gambale on guitar, and believe it or not, Jean-Luc Ponty on violin and who knows what else.

If you are into crazy fusion check it out:


The sign up is on the right hand side.


Announcing "The Bergonzifying Transmogrifier" - A Basso Web App

Boy, are you gonna be glad you were not Raptured.


Picture 1 copy.jpg

Presented for your approval and edification, the first web app from Casa De Ridiculoso, The Bergonzifying Transmogrifier. Perhaps the first of many, who knows.

By way of the following uncharacteristically informative summary you can learn what this thing is and what it is for.

Some Gratzi de Ridiculoso is in order

I am not going to go all Sally-Feilds-at-the-Oscars on you, (go google it, youngsters, or ask your mom) but some definite thanks are in order for some folks who have posted links to the humble musings of your narrator here at Basso Ridiculoso.

Grande Basso Gratzi, my fellow bass travelers.
  1. Bopland.org - Nikita from Bopland has linked back here, all the way from sunny tropical Moscow. Bopland is the service used to generate the playable transcriptions on the site, and there is a much more extensive database of licks and musical examples on Bopland itself including licks for piano, guitar and other non-bass instruments. if you haven't checked it out, be prepared to spend a couple hours exploring. Nikita even was willing to write some custom code to make some things work, so Bol'shoe spasibo!

  2. Adam Neely - All the way from sunny, tropical Washington, D.C. Adam linked to Basso from his great bass/composition blog. Check out Adam's site from the list of links over there on the right, or look for him on YouTube as Havic5 for some very informative bass lessons from a Berklee alum.

  3. Joe Hubbard - all the way from sunny, tropical England, Joe added Basso on the Twitters, so molto gratzi , Joe. Joe played bass with Gary Numan for many years and published one of the first transcription books that had Jaco and Marcus Miller transcriptions in it called "Bass Lines". I think it is out of print now, but it is a classic. If you can find one, snatch it up. He also has a great bass site with transcriptions and lessons at - www.joehubbardbass.com/

  4. Stephen Marshal - All the way from sunny, tropical Nashville, (I think) that's DOCTOR Marshall to you, as in a Ph.d. of Bassology. Basso is now medically approved (this claim not authorized by the FDA)! Stephen added his own blog posting about Basso Ridiculoso and sent some linkage our way. Gratzi! Check out his blog at - http://stephenmarshall.org/. Who cares about that fancy university degree, where is that ever gonna get you? Your site is now on the Link's Deemed Worthy list, now that is something to frame and put on your wall!

  5. Tom Kenrick - Also from that sunny tropical paradise that is England. Looks like Tom is another bass player from "over there" and clearly is a man of good taste and fine breeding since he has linked to Basso Ridiculoso over here in the colonies. Pip Pip, my good man! http://tomkenrick.wordpress.com/

And for everyone who reads the site, no matter where you are, THANKS!