8 Ways to Play Triads: In E Major This Time

Well, you mooks sure like you some free bass junk. Geez.

That post with the C Major triads got all kinds of hits.

The crafty ones amongst you may have already transposed the exercise in C Major to other bass friendly keys like E and A and G, but for those who are transpositionaly impaired, well, here are the same 8 exercises in E Major instead of C Major.

Same deal, figure out some cool fingerings and practice them slow.

And you mooks are on your own for any other keys you want to do these in.


Bass Link Blast - Semi-occasional version 2.13r4v17

  1. Meshell Ndegeocello is giving us all a free track from her new album. She is one fonky melinated womans as Ms. Badu might say, and a seriously sick bass player, so I am sure it is groovy. Pick it up here or from her facebook page.
  2. Joe Hubbard has an article about ear training as he learned it from Charlie Banacos, a guy who was the Yoda for improvised music and taught Joe, Jeff Berlin, Mike Stern, Alain Caron and thousands of others. Good stuff indeed.
  3. I found some old podcasts that Christian McBride did back in 2006. In this one he talks about the role of the bass, a topic the man knows a great deal about. Listen up!
  4. Miles Davis died twenty years ago this week, and here a UK magazine talks about his last couple of projects which included Prince and some rappers.
  5. Shockingly, the Pat Metheny and Larry Grenadier duet gigs are freakin' amazing. Um, duh.


Sonny Rollins on Tavis Smiley

Sonny Rollins is one of the last originals from the bebop era still with us, so check out his talk with Tavis Smiley from last week.

Sonny has seen it all, met them all (and played with them), and played it all during the last 50 years and along the way he has personally created several jazz recordings that are considered historic and landmarks in the music.

Jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins | Tavis Smiley | PBS