Johann Sebastian Bach - Suite Nº2 - 6 Gigue

A gent on YouTube whose very appropriate name is "DoubleBassScore" has exactly that - images of scores and the accompanying audio played by some very heavy duty classical cats like Edgar Meyer and Gary Karr.

For all those electric players who chase tone, check these guys out. What they can do with a bow and a giant ol' double bass is amazing. That thing ain't small, ya know.

If you are looking for some challenging sight reading and classical parts to work up, check out some of his videos and then track down a copy of the scores for some finger twisting.


Fibonacci Scales

Okay, I am into patterns and sequences and stuff...but seriously, this is kinda ridiculous.

Cool, but ridiculous.

Fibonacci Scales


Soloing Using Chord Tones from LA Music Academy

Here is a video from LA Music Academy, one of probably a thousand music schools in LA I would imagine. I think that Alphonso Johnson is the dean of either the bass department or the entire school if I remember correctly, but I am too damn lazy to google that. But I am pretty sure.

This guy takes the first 8 bars of the "Take the A Train" progression and talks about how to work out the chord tones. Good stuff for bass lines or solos.

They have a bunch of other bass videos posted as well a couple about double thumbs and some other solo videos. Check 'em out.



New Garrison model Fodera announced

Matt Garrison has a new signature Fodera that has been released at NAMM, and while it is not exactly an affordable, (MSRP is $5800+) every-man instrument, it does have some cool features for people who can swing that kind of cash for an instrument. Meaning..not me.

In this video, Matt and the guys from Fodera talk about the bass and explain all the features.

You do need to register at Matt's site to view the videos, but it is free.


Line6 StageScape M20d

I don't know...does my mixer REALLY need a touch screen and a visual interface?

So now I have to worry that my mixer has crashed, or needs an OS update?

I dunno about this. I guess listening to it would be the final verdict.