Marcus Miller on "Night Rhythms"

Here is a little thumb stuff, which has been scarce on the blog, but when you have someone like Marcus Miller doing it, you can't really go wrong.

Below is the main groove from a Lee Ritenour tune called "Night Rhythms" written out.  I don't know of any videos that show Marcus actually playing the line as he recorded it, but there is a version with Melvin Lee Davis (another very scary thumb player) playing the same line, more or less.

Here is the original studio recording with Marcus on it.

And here is a full band version with Melvin adding an intro out front and then playing his take on the line.

There is a LOT of syncopation in this one, and a lot of anticipation. A lot of what makes the line stand out is what 16th notes are accented. Here is the line from the melody section:

bass lick tempo 100 4/4 | Cmin c16 c c c+ r8 r16 c16 f#- g bb8 eb-4 | Cmin c16 r c c+ r c f#- g~ g8 eb16 f eb4 | Abmin ab-16 r ab ab+ r8 r16 ab16 d- eb gb8 b-4 | Fmin f16 r f f+ r f f- f# Gmin g8 g~ g g

This thing is a 16th note work out, you really have to be able to put each one exactly where it goes or the line falls apart really fast. So practice it slow, and for even more licks, check out the variations both Marcus and Melvin add to the line when they play it, there are lots of great licks in there, on both versions.


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Matt Lawton said...

Cool post man, Marcus's lines are always winners!!

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