A Free Lesson From Janek

Janek has released a few free bass lessons to promote his site, so can check one out below.

The lesson content starts about 3 minutes in.

Very informative stuff, as always.

Improving your harmony and melody | Video Bass Guitar Lessons from Beginner to Expert

Jeff Andrews plays "Peace"

From the Vital Information album "Ray of Hope".

What more do you want in a bass player?

Tone. Check. Phrasing. Check. Rhythm. Check. Melodic Inventiveness? Check.

Mr. Andrews is the master of many (more like *all*) of the techniques discussed on these humble pages, and here is what they sound like when put together by someone who really knows what they are doing.


The Pentatonic Lick Factory

UPDATE - added a PDF that shows a bunch of examples

You can never have too many pentatonic licks. Ever.

But, in the real world what usually happens is first you learn the little box shapes, okay cool, then maybe some of the other shapes, the ones that start on notes other than the root, and then.....it kinda tapers off.

What can happen after a while is you just keep playing the same box-shape licks over and over. And over and over and over. Or maybe you find another pattern that fits under your fingers, but you only have one or two familiar patterns you default back to or they are the ones that fit under everybody's fingers. I mean, I certainly have never done that. Of course not. Never. Okay, I totally have.

Then the question becomes - Well, how do I make/invent/discover/create new material anyway? If only there were some repeatable, step-wise process one could use to generate new licks and phrases for use in solos. Oh what a great world it would be...

Of course there is.

And I am going to show y'all one.


New Bergonizifier Feature - Rests

Finally got around to adding another feature to the Bergonzifying Transmogrifier.

Now you can add a rest as part of the Transmogrification, so you can get a little more interesting rhythmic permutations.

The "rest" choice is the last choice in 3 of the drop downs now. You gotta have one note or else...whats the point?

It means you can get stuff like this now:

One Rest

1 Rest.png

Two Rests

2 Rest.png

Two Rests and Two Notes

a c two rests 16ths.png

So enjoy and go nuts with it.