Prime Jaco - Rick Suchow Does It Again

Rick Suchow has another buried treasure of a bass video that he just posted.

Rick is a bass player in New York who has played with Ringo Starr and a very long list of "cats", and I don't know who he has the videotape of with a live girl or a dead boy, but somehow he manages to get his hands on some of the most amazing off-the-map bass related materials around - isolated tracks from Jamerson and McCartney, videos of old classic shows, rehearsals before the Letterman show and SNL - some of it is unbelievable. Go check out his site, or add him on YouTube at - http://www.youtube.com/user/ricksuchow

But first, check out what he added today, what he calls a "never before seen" video of Jaco doing his signature tune,Teen Town, with Weather Report in 1977, which is prime Jaco, just about at his all time peak - clean, sober, and tearing it up. Check it out. They extend the song quite a bit, and Peter Erskine gets to let loose.Video de Ridiculoso!


New Flecktones + Wooten coming out

It has been more than a few years, but the band that made Victor Wooten famous is back together with all original members and making a new record called "Rocket Science".

And so, this being the music business, they have put out the necessary behind-the-music video of them doing stuff and looking all musician-y in the studio, talking about deep life lessons etc etc... but it does show Mr. Wooten playing some fretless, and an NYC 5 string Bass, not his usual Foderas. I am sure that there will be some serious bass shredage from VW on this album.