Damian Erskine's Headstock Cam

How cool is that? You can see both hands very clearly. He stuck his Iphone onto his headstock somehow and filmed himself.

Of course it only makes what he does even more amazing when you can see it in action and both hands moving like that. It's not like it is gonna be any easier to do just because you can see it though.



Joe Hubbard's New Bass Track

Joe is a British bassist that studied with Jeff Berlin (I think), and played with Gary Neuman for many years. He just released a new tune on Soundcloud, so check it out. 

Adventues On Haskell Avenue by Joe Hubbard Bass


How Have You Used The Transmogrifier? Hmm? Huh? Have you? Didya? Huh? Well?

Sometimes I sit and wonder about things. Various things. Random things.

Today it has been about the Transmogrifier.

Have you at least tried The Bergonzifying Transmogrifier?

Why not?

Not into patterns?

Think it is too mechanical?

Because it is "just for jazz and I don't play jazz"?

Opposed for moral reasons?

Because it has not been certified dolphin-free? (note: The paperwork has
already been submitted

If you have used it, and clearly you represent the elite percentage of musicians with taste and intelligence, what did you do with it?

What patterns did you make?

What instrument do you play?

Did you print your patterns out?

Did you save the mp3's of your patterns?

Where did you hear about it?

Well, take 20 seconds and let me know in the comments section. Cmon! 20 seconds! Geez.