Thank you, NoTreble.com

They actually printed this. No kidding. And the scary part is that it is all true. If you don't visit NoTreble.com it is clearly one of the best bass resources on the net, so bookmark that stuff.


Janek Live from L.A. Tonight

Janek is going to stream his show in L.A. tonight for us lucky bass players with an internet connection, two thumbs and some free time this evening.

Here is the stream location, it starts at about 9 PM PST, so check your time zone and tune in.


8 Ways To Play Triads ... in C Melodic Minor This Time

The major version of the triad exercises were such a hit, here are the same 8 exercises except this time in C melodic minor, which has a couple of curve balls in it.

Just a reminder that melodic minor has only one flatted note, the third, Eb. The rest of the notes are the same as C Major. The notes in the scale are:

C D Eb F G A B C

This combination of notes makes for some unique chords like the augmented triad (the one with the plus sign) and more than one diminished chord. That means this scale has a lot of possibilities so work these out and transpose them to other keys or play them in different orders and make up some new combinations of your own. Clicking on each image below will open a larger version for you to download or print.

The Dudes in UB40 Smoked All Their Money

Ahhh yes, the fabulous stability of the record business. I don't have any album covers to read and check, but I bet these guys didn't get any songwriting credits, or didn't write any of the hits.

But how can you be in a band that has a 30 year career, has hits in the UK, Europe, and the US and still end up bankrupt?

"One in Ten" and a lot of their early stuff has some great bass lines on them, btw.

Despite Millions of Record Sales, UB40 Members Are Bankrupt - NYTimes.com


Book of Triads for Kindle Now Available

The Book of Triads has been released on Amazon over the weekend. This means if you have a Kindle you can cram it full of 80 different ways to play the triads in the C Major scale and carry it around with you, or put your Kindle on your music stand and practice anytime you want.

Check it out here if you are in the US- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005VTAU3C

Or here if you are in the UK: In the UK:

It gets delivered just like any other Kindle title right to your device by some form of magic and little scurrying elves or something.

Take a look and write a review if you are a new happy owner of these 80+ pages of triadic information.