8 Ways To Play Triads ... in C Melodic Minor This Time

The major version of the triad exercises were such a hit, here are the same 8 exercises except this time in C melodic minor, which has a couple of curve balls in it.

Just a reminder that melodic minor has only one flatted note, the third, Eb. The rest of the notes are the same as C Major. The notes in the scale are:

C D Eb F G A B C

This combination of notes makes for some unique chords like the augmented triad (the one with the plus sign) and more than one diminished chord. That means this scale has a lot of possibilities so work these out and transpose them to other keys or play them in different orders and make up some new combinations of your own. Clicking on each image below will open a larger version for you to download or print.

Here they are:

Um, oh yea, just as a little reminder, there is a book of 80 of these exercises on the Major Scale available for download from Amazon or Lulu.com put out by yours truly, so if you find these interesting (and lets be honest, how couldn't you!) and you like the format, check out the full 80 page books here: 

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Okay, back to the triads...

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