Janek Does Yet Another Free Lesson - Triad Pairs

Janek Gwizdala is offering a free lesson on Triad Pairs for the next 24hrs on his videobasslessons.tv site.

Geez, even getting married over the weekend doesn't slow this guy down. 

I have written about triad pairs before also, so go check out how Janek uses them I am sure there is going to be a lot of good stuff in there on picking which ones to use over what chords and how to make really cool lines with them. 

More Free Blank Music Paper

This guy put together a pretty awesome blank music sheet generator. It does bass clef of course, and bass tab (gross) but it will also do string trio's, grand staff, choir, and even a whole dang orchestra. He probably has something for a euphonium octet even. There are a lot, that is what I am saying.

He used the same killer, FREE, music notation program I used for most of the pdf examples up here and what the Book of Chord Tone books were written with. If you are looking for a completely capable notation program for zero florins, ducats or dollars, check out Lilypond.

If you just want free stuff off the internet for the minimal amount of effort, well check out this guys page and download all the PDF blank sheet music your hard drive can store.


Mike Starr's Alice In Chains Ampeg Amp Heads

Yea, well, he certainly isn't going to have much use for them anymore....

Mike Starr's Alice In Chains Ampeg Amp Heads

Bass Whisperer Update

Looks like the era of Bass Whisperer TV, aka Ed Friedland's very thorough video reviews of basses, amps, pedals, and other bass goodies has come to an end.

The good news is that Ed will be writing 3 articles per month for Bass Player Magazine going forward, a blues article, a gear review and a gear overview. This is good news.

Ed is one of the most published and well known names in bass education, I don't even know how many books and videos he has put out on bass playing but it has got to be close to 20 at least, and they are all very high quality material. So it's good to see he is going to be putting that content into Bass Player Magazine now going forward.

All the best, Ed!


NPR gives The Electric Bass some Love

I think someone at NPR is a bass player because they sure cover a lot of cool bass stuff.

Here they run down some of the most famous electric players that have played "jazz", an admittedly broad definition.

Popping And Bopping: The Electric Bass In Jazz : A Blog Supreme : NPR