Sulu Must Play Have Played Bass

Hey, it is Leonard Nimoy's birthday today (81) and apparently he was laying down some sick beats during his travels through space that entire time.

Someone on board also packed their Jazz Bass  and was practicing their slapping at warp 8 in between shifts on the bridge of The Enterprise. Now thats a Prime Directive on the ONE baby!


Janek Gwizdala's New Album Launch - It Only Happens Once

Janek is releasing a new album today, and continuing in his tradition of using social media and the web in aggressive ways to promote his music, he is giving the thing away for free. It is part of the pay-what-you-think-it-is-worth model a lot of people are adopting these days. Check it out below, its funky, and has folks like Tim Miller and JoJo Meyer on it, so it is gonna be insane.

He also is touring through Europe over the next few weeks so head out and check him out. His band will be sick, guaranteed.