Janek Live Right Now at Iridium

UPDATE: If you missed this, the next show at 10 PM EST will also be broadcast live at the same link below. If you have the bandwidth they even do hi-def. The sound is great and Janek gets to solo a lot because it is just a trio. Check out Janek live right now at Iridium in NYC.

IridiumLive - live streaming video powered by Livestream

New Track from Ray Riendeau

If you "like" Ray's new project on Facebook, you can hear the first track on his upcoming record by his new project Star Monarchy. Some heavy hitters from the metal world are part of his new thing, looks like lots of guest artists and different inputs, so should be very interesting.

It is heavy stuff with some serious drum/bass action going on.

Star Monarchy Band Page

Free Music from Jason Ridenhour

Bass player Jason Ridenhour is giving away free music, and today is the last day to grab his album for free. 10 tracks he recorded from July of 2008.

You can say thanks to Jason on his twitter account.

Jason Ridenhour Free Album


Announcing A New E-Book: The Book of Triads, C Major

Here at Basso Ridiculoso Industries we have been hard at work creating a snazzy new bass thing.

So today, with our usual overly dramatic fanfare and pompous ceremony we are announcing a new e-book that has 80 different ways to play the triads that are found in the C Major scale.


Highly Super Awesome Bass Clef Files From Craig Fraedrich

Mr. Fraedrich is a trumpet player, but he has been nice enough to post some educational pdf's that are in bass clef on his site at http://craigfraedrichmusic.com/.

And, holy crap, are these some great files for free. These are not some 1 or 2 pages with some snippets on them kinda files, one of the pdf's is 70 pages and the other one on pentatonics is 135 pages long!

These are very, very good introductory and reference documents for anyone that wants a single document which outlines all the basics of chords, scales, theory, arpeggios, chord tones, and he even goes into how to analyze chord progressions.

This is the good stuff, people, so go grab the pdfs, and some midi play alongs he has to work through the exercise.

Ridiculoso Supremo!


Drug Related? You Don't Say...

Color me not very surprised when a 40 year old is found dead in his hotel room.

Yet again, drugs take out another musician from his bass playing and breathing, this time the guy who played with Wheezer and was on the record that had "Hash Pipe" on it.

Entwhistle, the guy from Slipnot, Mike Starr from Alice in Chains, now this guy..Gee don't drugs sound like a lot of fun?

What, being found 12-hours dead on the floor from an overdose in your Day's Inn motel room by the cleaning lady doesn't sound glamorous and exciting?

 No? It doesn't? Huh. Well, don't be all surprised if that is what happens.