Highly Super Awesome Bass Clef Files From Craig Fraedrich

Mr. Fraedrich is a trumpet player, but he has been nice enough to post some educational pdf's that are in bass clef on his site at http://craigfraedrichmusic.com/.

And, holy crap, are these some great files for free. These are not some 1 or 2 pages with some snippets on them kinda files, one of the pdf's is 70 pages and the other one on pentatonics is 135 pages long!

These are very, very good introductory and reference documents for anyone that wants a single document which outlines all the basics of chords, scales, theory, arpeggios, chord tones, and he even goes into how to analyze chord progressions.

This is the good stuff, people, so go grab the pdfs, and some midi play alongs he has to work through the exercise.

Ridiculoso Supremo!

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Mike said...

Great link, thanks !

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