The Russian Carbon Fiber Cello Dudes play "Welcome To The Jungle"

Turns out they are heavyweight classical Russian cellists that just do this to blow peoples minds.

And probably get chicks.


Marcus Miller Talks About Miles

From 1998. A new video of Marcus discussing Miles and what he learned from him.

He talks about how he started playing with Miles and how that led him into producing.

He also says Miles was working with Eazy-E right before he died. Yow.

Triad Palooza - Diatonic Triad Variations

Here is a fun little set of exercises to keep you busy for, oh, the next 3 or 4 years or so.

It takes all the triads that are in the key of C Major and runs some ascending, descending and mixed (up and down) arpeggio patterns. Some patterns are "close position" meaning the notes are all within one octave, and some are "open" where they span more than one octave.

The patterns are as low as possible on the neck and they are guaranteed to be playable on a standard tuned 4 string. You can extend the patterns by playing them in higher octaves if you want and if you have a 5 or a 6 string you can move them around as appropriate.

The patterns outline each chord that appears naturally in C Major, so - C maj, D min, E min, F maj, G maj, A min and B dim. The patterns don't all start on just the root of the chord, they also start from the 3rd and the 5th too. "Inversions" for those theory showoffs in the crowd.


Willis and his Roland Guitar Synth

I am blown away at how good that thing tracks, but it is also a testament to Mr. Willis's mucho ridiculoso intonation on his fretless. That can't be easy.