New Bergonizifier Feature - Rests

Finally got around to adding another feature to the Bergonzifying Transmogrifier.

Now you can add a rest as part of the Transmogrification, so you can get a little more interesting rhythmic permutations.

The "rest" choice is the last choice in 3 of the drop downs now. You gotta have one note or else...whats the point?

It means you can get stuff like this now:

One Rest

1 Rest.png

Two Rests

2 Rest.png

Two Rests and Two Notes

a c two rests 16ths.png

So enjoy and go nuts with it.



Anonymous said...

I may have posted a comment about the transmogrifier, I can't remember, but it really is a great tool. And this is an awesome addition.

I've recently got the first in Bergonzi's 'Inside Improvisation' so it should prove especially useful. I may be in touch to ask a few questions about them if you're familiar with them. Cheers and well done!

Bassist Ridiculoso said...

Oh yea, the Bergonzi books, what can I say? They are so good I named this thing after him!

I think those books are a great way to think in terms of patterns and how to develop material for improvisation, I think they are some of the best, easy to understand, flexible and they give you formulas and recipes you can use over and over on any kind of music.

Feel free to ask any questions you want, if I can't answer them, someone else might chime in.

Thanks for the props!

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