Here is a little file that shows all the different ways to connect the juicy chord tones of a dominant chord, in this case a G7, to it's tonic chord, C Maj.

This is the most fundamental, basic progression in the white-guy from Europe style of music - dominant to tonic, or five to one, V - I. A dominant chord (G) moving up a fourth to a major chord (C).

And since it is so important it is a good place to spend a little time and get familiar with it.

What this pdf does is show all the ways that you can play the interesting tones of the dominant chord, namely the chord tones themselves - so G, B, D & F on that measure, and then resolve those tones to one of the juicy notes of the tonic chord, namely the chord tones of that chord, so C, E, G or B.

There are two juicy notes on the dominant chord, so for instance, the 3rd and the 7th, or the root and the 3rd, or the 5th and the root, and then those lead into landing onto one of the notes of the C Major.

Getting these in your ears will really help you hear the chord changes, even if you are playing single note lines. Try a few and check out how strongly they convey the chords with just a couple of notes.

Stay tuned for lots more on this topic....

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