Patitucci and Potter - live from last month in NYC

Oh good lord this is sick. I love the internet. (Edit - a second show from the next night, Dec. 4th, has also been posted)

Smalls Jazz club just released the show from Friday, December 3, 2010 where the band was:

Tim Ries - Tenor Sax
Chris Potter - Tenor Sax
John Patitucci - Bass - Duh. It's Patitucci. Electric Band, Chick Corea, upright, electric, 10 solo records or however many he has. That guy.
Kalman Olah - Piano
Billy Drummond - Drums

Um. Pretty good little band there. Here is more about Tim Ries, he does keys and sax with some band called "The Rolling Stones", not sure if any of you have heard of them before. I guess they are from England or something?

Patitucci opens set one. But..he kinda is buried in the mix after that, he really sounds like he is not playing with any amp at all, just his unmic-ed upright.

Chris Potter is the current Lord King Dude of Sax, he is the guy everyone is gunning for and references right now. Tim Ries plays soprano even though they list him as tenor.

Check it out, and hear how they do it in NYC from just a month ago.

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