All the music from SXSW for Free

SouthbySouthwest is a music conference/happening/scene/concert thing that happens each year down in Texas. It has become one of the biggest music conferences in the US.

It focuses on the indy and unsigned act but it covers all kinds of genres - rock, singer/songwriter, some hip hop, alt. country, and all kinds of unclassifiable but very interesting stuff. It is supposed to be where bands can generate recognition and buzz while "networking" (meaning..playing for free I think) and then become The Next Big Thing, so then everyone can say they sold out and they liked them way more before they got signed.

SXSW (as the hipsters call it) also uses a lot of technology and the internet. Some helpful participant has collected all of the music from the bands appearing at SXSW this year (as of Feb 7th) and globbed them together into a 700-something song, 4 gig sized torrent you can download.

For Free.

No one is getting ripped off here, these are files that you can hear for free on the SXSW web page.

You can also pick up torrents of all the bands from all the other years, all the way back to 2005.

So clear off your hard drive and grab 4 gigs of new music here.

You will need a bit torrent client like Transmission for this.

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