Daily Licking 017: Family Man

Today a break from chromaticism and all that.

Here is a line from the King of Reggae bass, Aston "Family Man" (because he has more than 50 kids. No joke. He is obviously doing something besides practicing his scales....) Barrett laying it down through a thick cloud of pakalolo smoke on one of Mr. Marley's last songs before his untimely death.

This is only the verse groove, and the first time through it doesn't go to the E min, it just goes between the F and G. Nothing but triad chord tones and, man does it groove. I guess he is practicing his triads after all.

bass lick 4/4 tempo 60 | Fmaj f16 r c+ a f r8 r16 c+ r c a f r8 r16 | Gmaj g-16 g r g b r d r g- g g r r4 | Fmaj f+16 r c+ a f r8 r16 c+ r c a f r8 r16 | Emin e32 r32 e8 e16 b r b r e e e r r4 |

And here is the full tune, it is not one of his bigger hits but it has an unusually pop-y bass line. Bopland spreads out those sixteenths a little in the notation, so just listen to the groove to get the feel.

Irie, Mon.

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