Fodera Tour by Janek Gwizdala

The boys at Fodera are putting together a new bass for Janek, and so he took his camera over there to show the process and craftsmanship that goes into the highest end handmade bass guitars around. Look for special guests making appearances during the factory tour. (hint: they are bass players.)

Good luck getting your mitts on a Fodera for less than 5 grand and a new custom one is gonna set you back easy 10+ and you are going to have to wait for several months, if not a year to get it. But, there is a reason they are used by some of the monster players out there, including Janek.

He has just put a new design on his lesson site, so take a look at that by checking out the video of his trip back to NYC to see his new baby being put together by Vinnie and the other guys at Fodera.



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