Amber Rubarth - Washing Day

Some very nice arco upright on this tune, and whoever it is even gets a solo. It is some serious classical cat, only those guys have that much bow together. Maybe Edgar Meyer? I don't know where she recorded it, but if it was in Nashville maybe it was him. Or it could just be some other monster bad ass with a bow.

She won 1st place in the International Songwriting Competition with this tune.

And here she is discussing her creative process and how she goes about writing. She has a very interesting story. She has only been playing guitar and writing songs for about 6 years, because before that she was in an apprentice program for...chainsaw carving. No kidding.

The video is about 45 minutes long, but if you are interested into hearing about how others unwind their creative process, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Michael Valerio is playing the upright! He's in Los Angeles, the song was recorded one take live with Amber on guitar and Michael on bass, in his living room - recorded to tape by David Peters.

Bassist Ridiculoso said...

Aha! Mystery Solved!

Well, he certainly brings the pretty to that thing, and a toast of "Profundo Ridiculoso!" to Mr. Valerio for his very impressive arco playing on a great tune.

Thanks for the name!

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