Daily Licking 40: Syncopated Emin to Amin Groove

It has been several weeks since the last one of these, but hey, what can I say, those episodes of "Barely Legal Icelandic Bikini Teens Gone Wild" don't download themselves, ya know. These things take time.

But, returning to things musical, ya can never have too many of these, the ol' i-iv funky bass line. This one is maybe in kinda a Carol Kaye-esque super-syncopated groove style. Kinda busy, but the trick is to not make it sound like it is.

bass lick tempo 88 4/4 | Emin e-8 e8~ e16 f#16 g16 g#16 e16 g8 b16~ b16 e16 b16 e16 | Amin a-8. a16 a8 e16 a16 c16 d8 eb16 eb8 e8 |


Matt Lawton said...

Hey man, lovin the site. Is there anyway you could upload a small soundclip of how these licks are meant to sound? My sight reading isn't what it should be and its always good to check your on the right lines!

Bassist Ridiculoso said...

If you click on any of the notation on the site (that looks like this example with the white background etc.), a little window will drop down and there is a "play" button and you can hear every example right there.

All of these notation examples use an API from Bopland.org so you can hear the notation just by clicking on it, it generates a built in mp3 file that will play what is written.

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