Bass Link-O-Fest

Here are a bunch of links to things regarding the playing of the electric bass guitar.
  1. http://www.jazzcapacitor.com/ - New site that collects a bunch of great jazz transcriptions, a few that have been linked to from here previously. Lots of good stuff, Ron Carter, Scott La Faro and others. All in PDF and free as in beer.

  2. The Bee-Gee's Bass Player - You are going to be famous. I know. A rock star. I know. And make your living playing forever. I know. But, you should read this. This guy played some pretty big gigs and now he teaches at a community college in Florida. So maybe learning the names of those scales isn't such a bad idea after all.

  3. http://deftdigits.com - A new player in town has started a web site with a bunch of musical knowledge, not unlike this humble tome. Check out Joe from From the Woodshed new site for lessons.

  4. A Japanese bass player I haven't heard of freaked out on a plane and then killed himself in jail.

On that cheery note, enjoy your Tuesday.

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