Bass Link Blast

  1. Duff McKagan (ex-G'n'R, Velvet Revolver) is really rich. So rich he will now help other rich people figure out what to do with their money.

  2. The bass player from AC/DC wrote a book about what it was like touring with AC/DC in the 70's and 80's. Probably talks about all the bible verses they memorized during their prayer meetings and all the soup kitchens they volunteered at while on the road. Either that, or how they went through about 30lbs of cocaine each on the average Wednesday night bus ride to the next show.

  3. Free Victor Wooten track here, all it costs is your email address.

  4. Bryan Beller is in a new band and he has a free MP3 he is giving away also, for the same cost - your email. It's rocky-funky-not-in-4-improv-nerd-metal. Marco Minneman on drums, so watch out.

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