All 24 Examples from Book Of Chord Tones for C Major 7 Uploaded

So, all 24 examples from "The Book of Chord Tones" for major chords are now up on Soundcloud.

These sound files play each of the 24 ways the notes of a major 7 chord can be arranged. The book contains these exercises (in notation and tablature) for each pattern in all 12 keys, but these sound samples are just for C Major so you can get an idea of what the exercises sound like.

Each book has a total of 288 exercises (24 x 12 keys). Other volumes do the same patterns for all keys, but use the notes for dominant and minor 7 chords. Take a listen and git yer arpeggios on!
  • Exercises 1 - 6 start on the Root ( C )
  • Exercises 7 - 12 start on the 3rd ( E )
  • Exercises 12 - 18 start on the 5th ( G )
  • Exercises 19 - 24 start on the 7th ( B )

Book of Chord Tones - Major Chord Exercise Examples by Basso Ridiculoso


VINYL said...

This is great. Exactly what I was looking for. I hear there is an exercise surrounding chords in Autumn Leaves that is similar or perhaps exactly the same but I've never found it..

Bassist Ridiculoso said...

Glad to hear it helped! There is also one for Melodic Minor as well now, which has some very interesting chords indeed.

You can also use the Bergonzifying Transmogrifier to enter the chords for Autumn Leaves (or any standard) and get all 24 possibilities for them. Always handy for bass lines and solo phrases.

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