25% Off All Of It

Happy multi-denominational winter holiday observance!

Yea. It has come to that time of the year where we give each other stuff for all kinds of different reasons.

In honor of this magical time of the year, starting today every book is available for 25% off. Even though some of you, and you know who you are, probably have been very, very naughty.

So, that means the new prices for all the books are:

So even if you are one of those naughty types, you deserve to treat yourself to some bass presents and save some cash for all the other things that made you so naughty in the first place this year. Then you can make all those empty promises about being better next year.

All you have to do is go to lulu.com and use the coupon Code: BUYMYBOOK305 when you check out. The max savings is $50.00 but that amount actually covers every Basso book there is. You can use it for ANY book on lulu.com as well.

So happy winter solstice or whatever tree celebration you pray to or sacrifice this December and thanks for checking out the blog.

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