Name Your Price Music From Janek

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of his album "The Space Between" Janek Gwizdala is letting you name your price on the entire album as a digital download.

While you could be a terrible person that should probably have something bad happen to them (like developing testicular cancer on just one side) by naming your price as being nothing, zero, as in no dollars, and download the entire album for free, don't do that dick move.

Try and actually cough up some amount, even if it is just a little, to help support a musician that is taking risks and making some really powerful and unique bass music available to us all.

Janek gives a lot to the bass community in the form of videos, clinics, lessons, podcasts and the like, and no matter what level you play on, I am pretty sure you can learn something from him, so check it out.

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