Seattle Bassist Dean Schmidt with Byron Vannoy

Dean Schmidt is pretty much the busiest electric bass player in town. Jazz, funk, latin, soundtracks, he does 'em all. Here are couple of videos of him out and about and laying it down. He is The Phrase Master.

Here is Dean with a standard quartet of keytar and vibes, drums percussion and electric bass, you know, the same old thing we always see. Oh yea, if anyone can count this tune out, please let me know what time signature it is in. This was filmed with drummer Byron Vannoy's Thread project at a club called SeaMonster in Seattle last year.

Here he is taking a solo on a very serious latin groove last week.

Dean also has played on hundreds of different kinds of records, pop, jazz, latin, a movie soundtrack some chick won an oscar for called "The Blindside", and his own solo record on OA2 Records called "I Know Nothing". You can pick it up on Itunes here.

If you are out in Seattle and checking out live jazz or latin music, you should be on the look out for Dean.

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