Dean Schmidt Live with Kelly Ash

I have posted some clips of Seattle bassist Dean Schmidt before, and here is a new recording from a club in Seattle called Lucid, that records every show and then posts them to Bandcamp. Living in the future is so cool. Check out some of the other sessions they have posted for some of the other acts in Seattle.

This recording is a quartet that has New York (ex-seattle) vocalist Kelly Ash and includes Eric Verlinde on piano, and Jose Martinez on drums. These guys are all some of the top players in Seattle and gig a lot. Like every night a lot. This entire band is sick. This gig was last week so this is fresh stuff.

If you want to gig a lot and have people to ask you to play with them, play like Dean does on these songs. Listen to the great tone, time, feel and groove Dean lays down on all these tracks. He is tasty, never too busy and always in the pocket. And that includes all the different feels these tunes go through - latin, samba, swing, R/B funk, waltz, 5/4 etc. All of them groove. Play like this and you will get a LOT of gigs. Dean is playing an STR five string on these.

Check out Track 2, which is Sting's "Seven Days" and then "I Can't Help It" the Micheal Jackson tune. Check out the phrasing and groove.

Note - there is a different bass player on track 14 and 15, not sure who it was, someone sat in.  Okay, they removed some tracks and changes some names since I posted this...so there are two tracks in ther e somewhere that aren't Dean, and no offense to the other guys sitting in, but it is pretty easy to tell which ones they are. Or they took them down. I haven't listened to the entire playlist yet today.

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