Chris Tarry's Site Now Free

Per his email:

For over a year Chris Tarry Lessons has been a membership-only site, and we've had a thriving community of like-minded bassists studying with me through the use of the video lessons and virtual one-on-one mentorship. Unfortunately, touring, a growing family, and other time constraints have made it difficult for me to continue the commitment, so I decided to throw open the doors and make the entire site free.

Come on by and check it out! With over 150 lessons, backing tracks, interviews, and more, Chris Tarry Lessons is now one of the largest FREE bass instruction resources around.

Chris is a monster player with multiple albums and Canadian Grammy awards under his belt, and he is out there living, playing and teaching in NYC so this is some great real world stuff. There are a ton of great lessons here! Check it out and let him know you appreciate his generosity.


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