Larry Grenadier on "All The Things You Are"

Larry Grenadier is your basic total bad ass bass player. He has played with some of the heaviest of the heavies in jazz - Pat Metheny (was in his Trio 00) and has been Brad Mehldau's bass player for about ten years. He has some serious swing and is super melodic without having to resort to just chops. He plays what sound like simple solos but they are incredibly melodic at the same time. That is the hardest thing there is to do.

Smalls Jazz Club records their shows, and in the link below, Larry takes a chorus on the standard All The Things You Are. Hear how it's done in NYC.

Small's Jazz Club Live Shows - Larry Grenadier.


Anonymous said...

guess i'm not hip enough...sounds like my cat running along the keyboard..no swing to me...give me Peterson w-brown and Thigpen anyday

Anonymous said...

yeah you are not hip enough

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