"Let's Dance" Bass Line

Yup, the Bowie tune that Stevie Ray Vaughan played the solo on. This transcription was probably for a bar band I was in at some point and needed to make sure I got the rhythm of the bass line, so I wrote it out. This is several years old, and well, not too much to say about this one. It is a song that goes over well because everyone knows it.

No idea who the bass player was who recorded this, but it was way before Gail Anne Dorsey's days with Bowie so probably some studio player. Print and play along.

Update: It was Carmine Rojas who played on this track. Thanks, anonymous commenter.


Anonymous said...

Bassist on this album was Carmine Rojas, except for "Without You", which had the late Bernard Edwards.

Basso.Ridiculoso said...

Hey! Good to know.

That's not a name I am familiar with, but just shows how many great guys there are that never get the recognition they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Very few bass players seem to know who he is, which is surprising considering the people he has worked with and the albums he has been on over the years.


Since 2005 he has been recording and touring with Joe Bonamassa.

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