Daily Licking 003: Miles Davis Lick

bass lick tempo 120 4/4 | Dmin7 f-8 g a c e f e d | G7 c# e d c b a g# f | Cmaj e1 |
bass lick tempo 200 4/4 | Dmin7 f8 g a c e f e d | G7 c# e d c b a g# f | Cmaj e1 |

Another ii-v one lick for ya. This is the same lick two times, the first one is a bit slower, at 120 bpm and the second time it is up an octave and sped up to 200 bpm.

The best thing to do on these licks is pick them apart and figure out the function of the notes being used. For instance, in this one:

On the Dmin7, the ii chord: The lick starts on the 3rd of the chord (F), and goes up a F Maj 7 chord, but throws in a G along the way. Also, it uses chord tones on every downbeat (f, a, c, and e). Its a lot easier to remember licks when you look at them in the way, in relation to the chord. You will quickly start seeing patterns and creating your own licks. That is really what this is about, it's not about just copying someones lick, but about figuring out why it works and then adding your own spin to it.

On the G7 the v chord: The lick starts on the #11. Well, la-de-da. Fancy. The next time though, it uses a C natural instead for an interesting contrast. The lick ends on the b7, which is, what do you know, a chord tone. This lick includes the #11, and the b9 of the chord, which is a G#/Ab (same note).

And if you think that copying other players is not how it is done, well, guess again. EVERYONE has done some of that. Take a listen to what George Benson thinks about learning other peoples licks.

It's part of the process.

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