New Feature: A Daily Licking

I think I discovered how to use BopLand.org to render any lick you feed it into bass clef. Pretty sure.

Sooooooo, I am going to start posting licks by using that service, it makes it much faster to put up a lick, and it has some other advantages:
  1. It auto-generates an mp3. A somewhat mechanical sounding one, yea, but hey, at least you get to hear what the lick sounds like. Way faster than me recording it and uploading an mp3.
  2. It will transpose the lick into any key you want. There may be range issues however depending on what key you go into, so its not necessarily going to be playable. I will make sure the original licks always fall within the range of a regularly tuned 4 string.

So, here is another basic ii-v lick courtesy of David Baker, transmuted into bass clef for you to analyze, consume, and enjoy. This one hangs on the flat 9 on the V chord so make sure there is an Ab in the melody! Or don't, go nuts.

Click on it to get the MP3 and the transposition options from the drop down that appears.

walking bass 4/4 | Dm7 f8 a- d f e d db c | G7 b d f ab~ ab4 g8 f | Cmaj e1 |


Geert Horvers said...

Hi, I cannot click the link to the mp3? Not sure if it is me.

Bassist Ridiculoso said...

Make sure you have Flash enabled, but I just tried it and it seems to be working.

You should see a drop down that says "Play Back", "Other Keys", "Source Code" and "About".

What you can also do is right-click on the lick and say "Open Link in New Tab" and it will load the MP3 that way as well.

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