Sonny Rollins Lick From The Bridge of Strode Rode

I needed a palate cleanser after listening to all this Coltrane. No offense, but sometimes the man is just rather intense. I needed something a little more not Coltrane to clear my ears.

So I am putting up this awesome Sonny Rollins phrase from the bridge of his tune Strode Rode on Saxophone Colossus. The actual lick is included, and lets see how this embedding mp3 snippets works out. This way you can hear how he does it, both at regular speed and at half speed. He takes this one really fast, but it is such an awesome lick the way it just rolls off his horn. Another total Maestro Ridiculoso. Check it out. This one is guaranteed to perplex your fingers and use some patterns they have not run across doing those ol' pentatonic and dominant shapes.

Half-speed of Sonny playing it

120 bpm
bass lick swing 50 4/4 tempo 120 | Bbmin7 r8 f- a db f db a+ c | Eb7 bb ab g f eb d db f | Fmin7 eb b bb ab bb g ab bb |Gmin7b5 b db eb b C7#5 bb+ g r4 |
Actual Tempo Sonny playing it

250 bpm version
bass lick swing 50 4/4 tempo 250 | Bbmin7 r8 f- a db f db a+ c | Eb7 bb ab g f eb d db f | Fmin7 eb b bb ab bb g ab bb |Gmin7b5 b db eb b C7#5 bb+ g r4 |


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Ridiculoso! I'm loving the "slow speed/ how he does it sample/ fast speed" choice in the example. More like that please. And thanks for the break from Coltrane. I was getting discouraged by my limitations. That man is intense.
Thanks again BR.


Bassist Ridiculoso said...

We salute you Sir Generalisimo! See, this is why he is a general, he leads his troops by fearlessly commenting!

Yea, I guess it is okay to just post an audio lick, I dont feel like it is robbing the artist. If anything it will make people want to go find the full tune, hopefully.

Yes, intense is the word. Not just the notes, but his tone and everything. But am working on the chorus 5 right now, and it is darn juicy I must say.

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