Chris Tarry Invents Something New

And that is hard to do.

Chris is a killer bassist that has won Canadian Grammys (Juno's) for his compositions and playing with his band Metal Wood, and now he has done something that might be a first.

He is also an author, so he took his writing and his composing and made a CD that has both on them - short stories, illustrations and jazz.

Cool, huh?

So you get his tunes, plus a 100 page book-bound CD.

Check out some photos here.

From the press release:

"Rest of the Story" is available in hard copy only (no downloads) exclusively through Nineteen Eight Records. That's right, for now, no iTunes, no CD Baby, just one place, right here. Because, when you buy this album, you support one of the most decorated groups in jazz, as well as a CD that speaks to a time when beautiful album design mattered, a good story was the talk of the town, and music was more than just a click away.

This is very interesting for a whole bunch of reasons - creatively, product-wise, and originality wise.

A big Bravo Ridiculoso, Chris, this may be the beginning of an entirely new genre of artistic output from him, and possibly others.

Check out Chris in action below, and on the web at http://christarry.com

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