The Darkest Day in Bass - Jaco R.I.P

Today, in 1987 Jaco Pastorious died. Or was killed depending on how you feel about what went down.
I can't even imagine how many times I listened to his first album, or "Heavy Weather". 10,000 times? Quite possibly.

If you put on "Broadway Blues" or "Port of Entry" or "Havona" and don't go "Holy Good Lord!!!" then you should maybe play clarinet. Or make pottery or something.

For my money, he is it, there still isn't anyone who has the tone, the taste, the feel, the groove, the compositional skills, the inventiveness and just the raw musicality that he had on the electric bass. 

Comparing bass players is generally a stupid undertaking, but Jaco is in a class all by himself. 

Pop in "Heavy Weather" or "Bright Sized Life" or his first record today and let him know you are thinking of him. He is probably busting out his favorite "Third Stone From The Sun" lick with Mr. Hendrix himself right now. I am sure they both have an every-night gig up in the same place forever.

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