20% Off All Books This Week And Ray Likes Melodic Minor

Yup, another coupon code celebrating the magical time of year that is Halloween, or Pedophile Christmas, as the Onion called it today. Ouch. It's a joke, people, relax.

Anyway, if you type in "BURIED" when you check out at Lulu.com, you can save 20% off your order, so that means you could get both the Major and Melodic Minor versions of the Book of Triads for like $16.00-ish. Which is a total deal, and as all the other coupon codes, it is good for anything on the site.

Oh yea, and check out what bassist Ray Riendeau says about the Melodic Minor version of The Book of Triads:
This book is an awesome resource for any musician looking to expand their knowledge and ears to triads of the Melodic Minor scale. It will have you melodically minoring all over your bass!!!!!
Ray Riendeau
James LaBrie, Halford, Star Monarchy
If you are a bass player and are not hip to Ray and his scary chops and funky grooves, you should be.

The first single, "MONARCHY" from Ray's new project Star Monarchy just went live on Itunes.

Ray is the leader of this new project and it features many top players/singers in the world of metal/rock.

On the first track he plays with:

So some pretty familiar names that obviously are going to throw down. Check it out on Ray's Facebook band page, or any of his other web places.


Here is Ray in action doing some demonstration of his monster slap chops and playing at a little gig down in South America where a couple of people showed up, something called "Rock in Rio" or something like that. Oh and by a couple, it turns out that means about 150,000.

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