Bass Links For Friday and Last Day of 20% Book Sale

Some places to hear new bass music this time.

  1. Meshell has 4 tracks from her new record “Weather” available on via Facebook. You know they are gonna be funky.
  2. Damine Erskine has released a live record of what he calls “weird jazz” of his quartet playing at Portland State (where he teaches). If by weird you mean totally awesome scary grooving bass playing, then yea, its weird.
  3. Janek Gwizdala has a free download of 3 tunes (about 30 minutes) from his live gig last week in L.A. that has Bob Reynolds, Dennis Hamm, and Tom Brechtlein playing on it as well. You just have to re-tweet or like it on Facebook.
  4. Evan Marien's track got featured in the final 50 on Bleep's contest for new music. WARNING - this page is retarded big and has 50 soundcloud embeds in it. But there is a lot of interesting free tunes there.
  5. Ray Reindau's new project Star Monarchy has it's first track up on SoundCloud here.
And today is also the last day you can get 20% off of any and all the Chord Tone and Triad books, hard copy or e-book format. Just use the promo code “Buried” (get it, its a little halloween-y theme thing they did there) and you will save the money on any book you order from Lulu.com.

And if you don't have a Kindle or Ipad, you can still read e-books on any PC with free software so don't feel left out of the flat screen party.

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