Billy Sheehan at NAMM 2011

Mr. Sheehan canoodling around on his very customized signature bass at the Hartke booth this year. Um, thats a lotta notes! Maximus Velocitus Ridiculus!

Interesting to see his technique up close like this, his three finger thing is kinda Garrison-esque so this idea has certainly been around for quite a while. He has his own take on it of course, and it has made him one of the most recorded bass players around and a regular poll (popularity) winner.

Apparently, Another Amp manufacturer that had many endorsees (such as Mr. Sheehan) alienated all their players by not really paying attention to or listening to them, and so pretty much en masse most of those endorsees left that Other Amp Co. and are now split between one of two companies it seems - Hartke (wooten, hamm, bailey, sheehan) or TC Electronic (gwizdala, JPJ, Nathan East, plus scads of others) and a few others on Mark Bass ( berlin ). Sheehan was a long time endorser of That Other Co, so this was him showing off his new rig in public.

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