Triads with Octaves This Time: 8 Ways To Play Them

Well the triad postings have been such a hit, here is yet another take on them. This one adds one more note, the octave, so it has a total of four notes - root, third, fifth, then the octave.

With the addition of that extra note it puts this batch in 2/4 instead of 3/8, and you could play these as quarter notes or sixteenth notes if you wanted to as well.

Get them worked up and transpose them into other good bass keys like A, G and B. When transposing just remember the the kind of chord on each note stays the same. For any major key, (and talking about just triads here) the first triad will be major, the second and third minor, then the fourth and fifth major, then the sixth triad will be minor again and finally the triad on the seventh note will be a minor flat 5, or half-diminished.

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