Chord Tones must be in the water

Here is another great improv blog from a guitar player in NYC.

He just posted his own lesson about soloing which shows how knowing the chord tones of a songs progression will let you really create strong melodies during your solo. He takes it to using just chord tones in a solo which is great way to get the core of the tune internalized.

And if you think about it, every time we do a walking bass line that is exactly what we are doing, going through the song by using (usually) chord tones or closely related tones to outline the changes. He just shows how you would do it during a solo.

Good stuff.

See how he outlines all the notes in the chords for the song he is playing? How he has those things spelled out, and has figured out all the different ways to connect them?

Hmmm, he must be super smart like someone who posted a bunch of articles about all that stuff too.

Check it out - he has a video about it. And sheet music!


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