Daily Licking 007: Major Triad Permutations

Continuing on the theme from yesterday...

Here are all the permutations of a Major Triad.

Root 3rd 5th

Root 5th 3rd

3rd Root 5th

3rd 5th Root

5th Root 3rd

5th 3rd Root

That same recipe will work for any other triad too, of course - Minor, Diminished, Augmented. And actually, it will work with any set of three notes, they don't even have to be part of a made-out-of-thirds triad. I think any three notes is technically a "triad", so try it with random note clusters, like say, C-D-E and just call the "C" the root, the "D" the third, and the "E" the fifth and go through the permutations with the notes.


bass lick 3/8 tempo 90 | Cmaj c8 e g | c- g+ e+ | e-- c+ g+ | e- g c | g c e | g- e+ c+|


bass lick 3/8 tempo 90 | C7#5 c8 e g# | c- g#+ e+ | e-- c+ g#+ | e- g# c | g# c e | g#- e+ c+|


bass lick 3/8 tempo 90 | Cmin c8 eb g | c- g+ eb+ | eb- c+ g+ | eb- g c | g- c eb | g- eb+ c+ |


bass lick 3/8 tempo 90 | Cdim c8 eb gb | c- gb+ eb+ | eb- c+ gb+ | eb- gb c | gb- c eb | gb- eb+ c+ |

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