Daily Licking 008: Name That Tune! An Actual Bass Line!

Internet fame and fortune await the first correct answer. Don't cheat, play it before you play the lick in the flash app.

Put your answer in the comments.

bass lick tempo 90 4/4 | Gmin g+8. f16~ f8 d8~ d16 c8. bb8 d8| c8. bb16~ bb8 g8~ g2~| g1 |


Anonymous said...

I did not shoot the Deputy:)

Anonymous said...

I love this website. Thank you for all your work. Keep it coming!

Bassist Ridiculoso said...


We have a winner!

But alas our winner has declined all the wealth, fame, and fortune that having the Order De Grande Ridiculoso awarded to him (or her) always brings the honored recipient and our winner has remained stealthy and anonymous. We toast thee, none the less, sir (or ma'am) for your musical perceptivosity!

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