Bass Player Magazine's Free Lesson Issue Online

Bass Player Magazine has posted a compendium of a bunch of lesson articles they have published over lo' these many years and bundled it up into something called "Play Bass!". How exciting. The cool thing is they are apparently giving it away.

BUT... it uses this overly cutesy magazine metaphor which is, frankly, kinda lame. It is rare for a real life metaphors to work on the Internets, but they went and did it anyway, curled page corners and everything.

So, um, instead here is a direct link to the 18MB pdf version so you don't have to use Adobe Air (which is a tool of Satan himself) to read the articles and flip imaginary pages.

There are some really good lessons in there from John Goldsby, Flea, Steve Swallow, Ron Carter, and they have the Victor Wooten Open-Hammer-Pluck thing too, so all the kids should love that. It's a nice little file to have around for reference, if I do say so. And I say so.


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